Wednesday, October 05, 2005

I've been internalizing

So I keep forgetting to write. I read other people's posts all the time, but constantly forget (or just don't find time) to write my own. I've returned to my instinctive mode, which is to internalize everything, allowing the rotting fruit of discontent to fester with the good stuff, effectively ruining everything in the storehouse of my mind.

The Bad News:
1. Tomorrow is my annual review, and it's been a soft year.
2. House preparations are not moving quickly enough; I'm getting edgy.
3. Monday is a useless federal holiday, and I might have to lose 8 hours of accrued vacation or personal time for it.
4. Next Friday is a company meeting, which will further erode my work hours.
5. Last month was a bumper month for overtime, which means taxes next year will be hell.
6. Amanda is going to Canada in less than two weeks.

The Good News:
1. We've chosen a name: Alastair Paul Ramsey Amos. Alastair is the Scottish form of Alexander, a name we liked, but was over-represented in the family. Paul was my maternal grandfather's middle name, and Ramsey was my paternal grandfather's middle name.
2. Amanda is doing very well.
3. Work has started to get busy again.
4. House preparations have begun, and furniture is being picked out.
5. With a little luck, we'll own a new washing machine tonight, and we'll finally have good reception for watching Lost.

When I try to list things, it seems that the bad out-weighs the good, but that's only because the bad has been clouding my thoughts. I'm actually happy, but need to remember that the bad stuff only goes out of the tub if you open the drain. Writing accomplishes that task. Stifling does not.

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Manda said...

I hope talking to your wife gets out some of the bad stuff as well! You know that I am more than eager to provide whatever help possible on the house improvement stuff. Just ask. Love you!