Tuesday, August 02, 2005

The Empire Struck Back, followed by Revenge of the Jedi

You may remember my post (that I'll call "A New Hope") about the obnoxious DSCR Rent-A-Cop, the retarded parking ticket, and my aggressive letter-writing campaign to restore Truth, Justice, and the American Way.

Well, I was very proud of that little skirmish, and felt that balance might have returned to the galaxy. Not so.

Yesterday I got out to my car and found another love letter from the same Rent-A-Cop for parking in the same space. I was, once again, infuriated, but this time I was also a little amused. I figured the guy might have something against me, and that wasting my time was a good way at getting me back for getting away with the heinous crime of defeating his first parking ticket.

Now, I wasn't nearly as angry this time: just highly annoyed. You have to admit it seems fishy: 3 weeks and nobody else gets a ticket for parking in this spot, then I park there again and get one. I would know--I've been religiously examining windshields for tickets.

So I wrote another letter, this time short and sweet, to the guy's boss and boss-boss-boss. I insinuated that he might be harassing me personally (you have to admit, a red MINI stands out against the back-drop of Toyotas and Hondas that regularly use that spot), and that I had been lead to believe that the issue of that parking space was resolved.

Minutes later, I got an e-mail from the police captain telling me to tear up the ticket, that she would, once again, "take care of the situation".

I wish I'd gone to law school.


Fantasia said...

law school?all schools were and are complicated!!!

ahamos said...

And what's wrong with that? I have no problem with complexity, and I enjoy arguing people into submission.