Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Random Updates

Movies: War of the Worlds
Netflix Pick: Spirited Away
Books: Master & Commander, by Patrick O'Brian

I got a new laptop at work. It's very shiny. Ooh, shiny...

Preparations are coming along well at castle Amos. New tool chests have been purchased, assembled, sorted, and pressed into production. New cabinets were purchased yesterday to clean up the pantry area, and windows are on order for half of the house.

Next up is to find a concrete contractor to pave the driveway, then paint some rooms, make-over a bathroom, and start buying furniture.

There's much to be done, and just over 25 weeks to do it. Sheesh.

I think mods to the car are all but done for a while, with the exception of cleaning up some prior issues and maybe upgrading the ignition system.

Now for the downer: my great-grandmother is dying. She is 99 years old, and will (would) be 100 in early September. She has suffered pin-strokes for decades, was put into assisted-living a few years ago, and has had two serious strokes in the past few days.

Pray for me, for her, and for my family as she goes to be with God.

Lumpy: 14 weeks, 2 days

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