Monday, June 06, 2005

Star Wars, Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

Denied no longer!

Amanda and I finally got to see Episode III last wednesday, and it was awesome. 28 years of torment rewarded at last...

I was particularly impressed with George's ability to tie the story in perfectly with Ep.'s IV - VI, and the wonderful bits of clarification about the appearances of the Sith Lords.

Also wonderfully done was the lighting and choreography of the light-saber duels. Rather than pan back and give a wide-angle shot of the intricacies of saber-battle, he puts you right up in the fight, letting the light dazzle your eyes, and give the impression that dueling with light-sabers is much more challenging than it has ever seemed. How could they fight with all of that light dancing in front of their eyes? Awesome.

Yes, there were some annoying bits, but it is, after all, Lucas dialog. And, when did R2D2 learn to fight? Or, better yet: when did he forget how to fight? The pluckiest thing we see him do in Ep.'s IV - VI is to fight Yoda over the food-stick.

Overall, I really enjoyed it. I would probably have been happier not watching Anakin successfully navigate a starship that had no control surfaces and no back-half (ergo, no engines) through the Coruscant atmosphere and onto a landing platform without any significant injury, but it's Star Wars. What can you do?

Hopefully I'll have some absurdly high resolution television by the time it comes out on DVD, so that I can get ultra-geeky when watching the series.

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