Thursday, April 28, 2005

I've spent the past two days in a novel endeavor: detailing my car. I've never done this before, and have been a little nervous through the whole process. There's a lot that can go wrong, and the paint can be permanently damaged. But I've tackled it, and it's taken a total of about 6 or 7 hours so far.

I started by washing the car with Dawn dishwashing liquid. Twice. This supposedly removes any paint protectants and previous sealants and other nasty stuff that needs to be removed. Then I clay-barred the car, which involves rubbing very expensive bits of clay across soapy paint, and constantly kneading the clay to keep the dirt from scratching back into the paint. Of course, I did this process in waning sunlight, so I managed to get some fine scratches all over the side of the car.

That was day #1, and all told involved 3 washes and two large chunks of clay.

Day #2 began with another quick wash, this time with show car wash, just to get the previous day's pollen and dirt off the car. Then, on to the first coat of polish, which promises to hide swirl-marks and fine scratches. I got all of the material applied and moved on to washing Amanda's car while it dried.

It rained. So, crazy man that I am, I ran inside, grabbed a towel, and began wiping off the polish while also drying the car from the rain. For the next 20 minutes, every drop of water was dried as it hit the car. I didn't want to lose all of my work.

The car was absolutely gorgeous last night, and had not one drop of dew on it this morning. I was elated, and drove to work very cautiously, so as to avoid any un-necessary dirt.

So I got to work and parked, just in time to notice the man with the weed-eater coming straight toward me. I backed out of the space and drove around for a minute, so that he could mow that area without mucking up my car. Satisfied that he was finished, I drove back, parked, and left the car. Moments later I heard the leaf-blower start, and I looked back to see some ass-clown BLOWING GRASS CLIPPINGS STRAIGHT AT MY CAR. WTF? The grass clippings weren't going anywhere on their own! Why did they feel the compulsion to blow them around? Then, after he was done blowing shit at my car, he aimed the leaf-blower at my hood. For about 20 seconds he blew 200+mph wind at my car. Motherf***er! I've never wanted to choke someone so bad in my whole life.

The whole incident has pissed me off so royally that I can't enjoy anything about my morning.

I can't even focus on what a good time I had last night. !#$!@%$@#$RFRVG$!

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Manda said...

I hate to say it but your post gave me a bad case of schadenfreude. I just had to giggled at your travails in the parking lot with the yard man. Do we need to invest in a car cover? How about a portable garage?