Monday, February 01, 2016

The Tale of the Cursed Jersey

Sailors used to believe that knowing how to swim was bad luck. The going logic was that if you knew how to do it, you would be called upon to do so. Better to keep the ship afloat when you have no other options, I suppose.

So I guess it's fitting that, after learning how to properly change a tire last week, I should have been called upon to do so on a ride this weekend.

If only it weren't for that damned jersey...

At the end of the UCI World Championship Men's race, Alastair and I happened upon a tent selling German and Belgian jerseys & hats. I wanted a Germany jersey, but could not deny how awesome the Belgium one looked, and it helped that they had my size. So we settled on Germany hats, and I plunked down some coin for a fancy jersey.

Opportunities to wear it didn't present themselves for a while, but just about every time I've worn it, something either breaks or goes horribly wrong.

I can't recall if I was wearing it when the shifter snapped off, but given that it was the first time I'd been back on the bike since the UCI race, it probably was. Anyway...

I wore that jersey for my first Zwift race and got dropped on the first lap. My fault for over-spending energy (though I still say half the field was under-reporting FTP).

I wore that jersey again when the KICKR decided to ruin a perfectly good workout with constant power drops--a ride so bad I furiously jammed the brakes at 22mph and burned a hole in my rear tire.

And I wore that jersey yesterday, when I had my first ever flat on the open road.

Katelyn suggested maybe the jersey is a bit embarrassed about the mechanical doping scandal surrounding the U23 CX rider from its country-of-origin. I just think it's cursed.

And because I love a good challenge, I think that means I'll wear it more often. I'll just need to make sure to carry an extra (extra) tube.*

*Though if it continues to bedevil me, there may be a haunted jersey for sale on eBay some time soon.

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