Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Old Toy, New Button

This morning my phone greeted me with a new button in the Googy Music thinger: "I'm feeling lucky". Apparently what it really meant was "I'm in the mood to listen to 90's grrl rock EXCLUSIVELY".

To wit:
1.  Curve - Gift
2.  Letters to Cleo - Big Star
3.  The Amps - Bragging Party
4.  Belly - L'il Ennio
5.  Juliana Hatfield - the edge of nowhere
6.  Tanya Donelly - Manna
7.  Throwing Muses - Mania
8.  Tanya Donelly - Life is But a Dream

That's all I had time to hear this morning, and while the playlist assures me I soon would have heard The Lemonheads and Cracker, looking further down reveals more of the same: more and more Tonya Donelly (I only have 2 albums!), Tracy Bonham, Lush, Veruca Salt, that dog., and Frente!.

Maybe the Goog should rename that button to "I'm feeling stuck in a very specific genre", or "I <3 all="" and="" donelly="" her="" over="" p="" projects="" tanya="" the="" various="" years="">
Oh, and by the way: hi again!

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