Friday, September 30, 2011

Rainbows! Puppies! Marriage!

Hey cats & kittens, it's time to rename the dusty ol' blog.  Can't really cling to the past because the future's coming like a freight train.  I'm getting married in two weeks pretty darn soon (remember:  if you're looking to thieve my junk, the wedding is in June 2014--you might want to write that down) and some light cleaning is in order.

I won't pretend for even a moment that Amanda's influence on my life is gone.  It will never be gone.  I spent 14.5 years with her and we produced one amazing little guy, but daggone am I excited about the next phase of my life.

K is beautiful, intelligent, funny, dorky, nerdy, and perfect.  Alastair adores her almost as much as I (and has frequently told me that he'll marry her too, once he grows up).

People have been asking me if I'm nervous.  I'm not.  I'd be a fool to be blithely walking into any commitment without fully vetting my fiancee, and we're incredibly compatible.  The minister performing the ceremony says he's never (in over 20 years) seen a couple so compatible--at least from our standardized couples' test scores.  She may choose to believe it has nothing to do with us both being Year-of-the-Rabbit Virgos, but I know what's what.

Nor am I sad to end my bachelorhood.  Dating is horrible.  Everyone has games and walls and baggage, or worse.  K brings none of that.  Since the majority of our relationship has been from a 140 mile distance, we've had to be extremely open and honest.  And she's astonished me every step of the way.

I love you, K, and I'm so ready to be your husband.


Anonymous said...


plus i adore her.

Girl With Curious Hair said...

I realize your wedding isn't for another bunch of months and moons, but when the time comes I wish you and your bride the very best in your life together.

Jadine said...

I've said it before, but I will again, I'm so very happy for you.