Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Phases of My Adulthood as Viewed from Wine Selection

Under age: Wine? Gross; it's like drinking sand. Who does that?

21 years old, living at home: No bills! Freedom! No wine: BEER ALL THE TIME! WOOHOO!

22 years old, living in an apartment: Can't really afford wine. Go to Olive Garden; take remains of enormous bottle home; drink for a week! Woohoo!

25 years old, living in a house: Must have wine for special occasions. Never drink it because it cost real money. Pretend to understand what constitutes "good" wine; attempt epic wine snobbery.

30 years old, owning a house: I make decent money. BUY ALL THE GOOD WINES AND DRINK THEM! WOOHOO!!

35 years old, with a child: Bills! School fees! Retirement planning! Drinking with friends is a long-forgotten treat. Fuck it: I'll take the box.

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Emily Korff said...

Too funny, and so true. We have a box of Target sangria in the fridge right now!