Saturday, January 31, 2009

R.I.P. Blogging...?

It seems that few of my blogging friends are keeping up the faith these days. I'm no angel myself, averaging a post every 3 weeks or so, but tonight while doing my usual Firefox multi-tab extravaganza, I noticed that two of the blogs I follow are simply gone. Poof.

But these fine erstwhile bloggers are regular Facebook posters, as are most of the other bloggers I follow. So has blogging gone the way of the hand-written letter? Cast off in favor of shorter, more immediate and informal one-off status updates? I hope not, because a status update on Facebook doesn't really give you a chance to explain what's making you tick.


Anonymous said...

Twitter and Facebook are the new hotness. Keep up with the times man.

Anonymous said...

I am guilty, as many have pointed out, of slacking off on my blogging responsibilities. I don't know what my problem is. I think I've been napping too much.

MarkusAlan said...

FYI, I still write hand-written letters. I thoroughly enjoy doing writing, pen and ink in hand. I have even started using a fountain pen.

Ok, so call me archaic if you wish, but I believe in not forgetting the lessons of yesterday.

ahamos said...

That's hard core. I can't write much more than my name with a pen these days before my hand cramps up.