Monday, July 28, 2008

Updates, because I suck

Amanda did the whole hospital in-out-in-out thing over the last two weeks. Out from chemo #3, in for a neutropenic fever, and back out on Saturday. She's been better at keeping her blog up to date, but it was a big ol' mess. Seems that every time she goes in with a neutropenic fever, she winds up having some serious plumbing issue. Eeeewwwww.....

I got the MINI (mostly) repaired. I took it to Crown after about a week of staring at it in the driveway, and $1600 later had a new clutch. I took the opportunity to buy all the parts necessary to return it to perfect running condition, and now I just need to have some of that evanescent "free time" that I keep hearing about.

Which isn't entirely true because I managed to find several hours yesterday to wash, clay-bar, and wax the Miata. I dread actually applying the stickers, but that's going to happen some time this week, probably after I get the trailer inspected tomorrow.

My shingles are pretty much gone. I took my Valtrex for a week like a good boy, and now I just have some residual pinkness on my neck.

Work is terribly boring.

Alastair is starting to show signs of strain from the whole mommy-go-round, but he's a tough little nut, and last night he performed for ~200 people (most of whom weren't watching, but he was on stage and dancing like a madman).

I think that's about it. Rock.

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