Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Noises are scary, Part 2

Found it. Wasn't the monitor. Wasn't the ceiling fan. Wasn't in the floor or in the attic. It was in the closet.

Ready for it?

Care Bears Bedtime Bear's Caring Dreams. A book. One of those books with the buttons on one side, where you're supposed to play the sounds along with the story.

But a freakin' Care Bears book--one about good dreams, at that--was causing the most nightmare-inducing sounds I've ever heard in my own house.

I never liked the Care Bears.


Girl With Curious Hair said...

Care Bears are kind of evil. I'm glad you've rooted out the scary noise.

Anonymous said...

I liked it better when it was a disembodied sound coming from nowhere.

Seriously, I was hoping for an exorcism.

Daniel said...


Let him play this to eradicate the nightmares!

Ev said...

Manda told me about this yesterday - too funny! I'll make a mental note to be careful of the talking books.
Was the battery dying or was something leaning against one of the buttons?