Monday, March 10, 2008

I Never Seem to Blog When I Should

Lots of neat stuff has been happening lately, so of course I haven't taken any time to write any of it down.

I went down to VIR last week and DanielG and I put 8 hours on the racetrack. We met some really great folks, learned a lot about what the car could take, and came home very ready to see our families.

This past weekend Amanda and MonkeyBoy and I piled in the truck and went to the Children's Museum. Alastair had an absolute blast, and it's safe to say we did, too. There are innumerable activities for children ages 1 - 10, including tree-houses, fossil-digs (in this really cool "sand" that's actually pulverized rubber, so it doesn't soil their clothes), story-time, an art-center, cooking, etc. etc. etc.. When it was time to leave, Little Man was so wiped out he didn't even fuss. But we bought an annual membership, so we'll be back. Probably every rainy Saturday.

Sunday was the first autocross of the season, and Daniel and I had hoped our track-time would translate to improved scores. No such luck: we did terribly. It's gonna be a long season. And the event was a disaster, too: 3 heats, each 2 hours long. First car off was around 12:15, and we didn't get the car back on the trailer until just after 6pm. I was livid that I wouldn't be getting home until almost 7pm. These things are usually done by 4 at the latest, and I've often gotten home by 3:30.

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