Monday, October 15, 2007

Zany Brainy Baby

This weekend was the third and final Richmond edition of the National Folk Music Festival. If you didn't go, shame on you.

We went, and we took World's Craziest Baby along for the ride.

We got off to a good crazy start on Saturday morning by playing on the jungle-gym at Lourdes, and then running around their field for about half an hour. For no good reason at all. We just all ran around like lunatics, periodically tackling the baby, who acted like he'd never had so much fun.

Then we went down to the festival, where we met Amanda's parents. Alastair danced to all the acts, ran around with me in the open areas, and tried to mimic some ladies who were clogging. He did quite an impressive job, and distracted about 20% of the audience from the act itself. An official photographer came over and snapped some pics (though I doubt we'll ever find them).

He was so active that he passed out in the backpack on the way out. His little head bobbed back and forth for about 4 blocks before we got him to the car, where he passed right back out. And even at home, he crashed for another solid 2 hours.

Then we went out in the yard and ran around some more!

Yesterday I went go-kart racing, and Amanda & Alastair came to watch. Amanda said he was very good at pointing me out, even with my helmet on. He spent a good amount of time "driving" the racing games, and after his afternoon nap, we went back to the Folk Music Festival.

He resumed his crazy dancing antics, ran up and down the hill with me, and acted like a total fruit-cake for about 2 hours. After we came home, we spent another 30 minutes running around in the front yard.

I've never seen so much energy in my life, but we kept up with him (we took turns), and plopped his butt in bed pretty much right after dinner.

I think he's only ever had this much fun at the Fair, and this time he didn't have to stand still for even a minute. God, what fun!

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