Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I did it! I did it!

Finally, after months of on & off training, and with only a few days left until the 10K, I ran a full 6.2 miles last night. And then I had a beer. Or at least most of a beer. You see, running 6.2 miles tends to dehydrate you a little, and I couldn't quite get through the whole thing. Maybe it wasn't the very best idea, but it sure was tasty.

But anyway, back to the joy: I did it! A few weeks ago, I was on track to have passed this milestone with a week or more to spare. I had even thought at one point about being closer to 7 miles before the event, so that it wouldn't kill me to run 6.2 on race-day. But then life got in the way, along with ennui and complaisance. In the end, I was struggling late last week to get to 5.3 miles. On Saturday, I made it 5.7 miles.

I feel good, but I probably shouldn't have had that beer.

I also ran significantly faster than I usually do, completing the whole thing in just over an hour. Yeah, that's not stellar, but 6mph is 20% faster than 5mph, and it would, in theory, put a marathon at ~4 hours instead of 5. Not that I'm crazy enough to plan on running a marathon...

In other news, Alastair and I had almost 10 minutes of solid, pure cuddle time last night. Usually he's hyper in the evenings and just plays his little heart out. It's great to play with him, but he gets a little moody and really doesn't often come over for cuddles. But last night, after crawling over me to get his stuffed kitty, he just relaxed in the crook of my elbow, and we sang "Row Row Row Your Boat" and did "This Little Piggy" and just hung out for a good while.

Then he had a wonderfully relaxing bath and wanted lots of kisses during his story-time. He's such a sweety!

I love my little man.

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