Monday, November 27, 2006


This weekend we took our change to the CoinStar machine. Ordinarily I don't believe in paying someone (or something) to count my money, but Amanda did some research and discovered that CoinStar is free if you use the money for an gift card.

Off we trundled with 4 milk jugs full of coins, and after feeding 515 quarters, 1026 dimes, and some number of nickels and pennies into the machine, we had our gift card!


Turkey Day was great. We got up bright and early, put Alastair in the car, and headed off to Greensboro, NC, for a tradition that dates back well before my time. This one meal is always my absolute favorite of the whole year, and Alastair and Amanda got to enjoy it with me!

Afterward, we went back to my grandmother's, where we stayed the night. Alastair did not appreciate being put to bed in his little tent, and he woke up and sat around for a while when we finally came to bed.

All in all, he did really well with family, but he got pretty cranky on the drive back home Friday. He's been a little sensitive all weekend, but that might have as much to do with teething as anything else. He has 5 now, and is trying to cut a 6th.

He's also unstoppable when he wants to get to something. Just laying in front of it is no longer a deterrent: he just climbs over me.

Anyway, that's all for now. Boy rocks, rocks, and work sucks. But that's life.

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