Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I feel like such a bone-head

I've put things in motion to make next Saturday (the 30th) miserable, or at least tedious.

I've been trying for a couple of months to organize a fun, relaxed drive to the mountains. I coordinated for the 26th of August, but then family interfered with that plan, so I had to reschedule. I put a poll out, and folks agreed that September 30 seemed like a great time to go canyon carving.

So we're going. It will be fun: we'll set out from Richmond around 9:30am, get to the twisties around 11, and then pick up some lunch in C'ville around 12:30. We should be back in Richmond some time between 2 and 2:30. Great, huh?

Except I just got a reminder that our company cruise is that evening, departing from Norfolk at 7pm.

That means leaving Richmond around 5pm. We'll probably drive back that night, too, since I forgot about it and failed to arrange for babysitting. So that puts me in the car for 9 hours on Saturday. Ugh.

I've already canceled the MINI drive once; I don't believe folks will tolerate another cancellation. I committed to the cruise several months ago, and for some stupid reason just didn't put it on my calendar. Now I find myself in an unworkable scenario, and I have to piss someone off. Fun.

Options include:
1. Me (and probably Amanda, too): go to both
2. RiverCityMINIs: cancel the drive
3. Eiden Systems Corp: cancel my spot on the cruise

Vote for your favorite today!

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