Wednesday, August 23, 2006

A Very Different Autocross

This past weekend (August 20), I turned in runs that I'm more proud of than any runs I've ever done before, and I came in 3rd. While that might sound incongruous, given that I've won my class in the past, I'm running in a different class with a major handicap, and I finally figured out how to really keep the car locked to the ground.

My lines weren't perfect, but they were good enough to turn in clean runs without a lot of tire-squeal on really narrow race tires.

There's the rub: really narrow tires. I bought these tires when I was planning on staying in stock class for a season. Unfortunately, I got way ahead of myself in terms of the work I wanted to do this year, and now I'm crippled. My Kumho V710's were very sticky this weekend, but with a 195mm width, they were pathetic next to another competitor's 225's. He beat me by a full 2 seconds. Granted, he's probably a better driver, too, but I was working that car as hard as it would go.

Another fellow, on even wider tires, turned in a run 2 seconds faster than his. Now, I know exactly where I was losing time, and I think I could have tweaked another .7 seconds off my time, but 4 whole seconds? Damn.

I think it's time to see if someone would be interested in some "lightly used" 195/55R14 Kumho V710's on 11lb stock Miata wheels. Any takers?


grant(urismo) said...

will the river city minis be attending the british car show this year?

also, i hadn't realized you are building a spec miata! when do you think it will be completed?

ahamos said...

We're going to try to represent, but the enthusiasm has not been what it was.

I hope to have the Miata completed in 2008, with a hopeful first race in 2009. It's a long way off, and I hope the series won't have been canceled by then, but budgeting for the boy and the car is tough.