Monday, June 05, 2006

The Bumboseat is made in South Africa

So why doesn't it ship with a flame-thrower based theft-deterrent system?

We got Alastair some great stuff this past week. On Tuesday, his Bumboseat arrived. If you don't know what that is, check it out. This thing is awesome. It keeps him sitting upright, works on his back & tummy muscles, and allows him to interact with the world like a big boy. Plus, if he drops anything, it just lands on his feet, where he can reach down and pick it up.

We're planning on taking it out with us to dinner some time, as it's more comfortable for him than the Peg Perego car-seat ever was (and which he's out-growing).

Then, on Sunday, we pulled out his MacLaren Triumph stroller. We figured we'd see how (if) he liked it, and it was a hit. It has better sun-protection, turns easier, and it's more maneuverable in traffic. Plus, it makes us look super cool at the trendy malls, where everyone seems to be pushing MacLaren strollers around.

Also on Sunday, I figured I'd take a look at new car-seats, since Alastair's quickly out-growing the Peg Perego. I got a Britax Marathon seat, which will support him up to 65 lbs, so I should be all done with car seats. This seat not only sounds cool, it looks cool, too. It comes close to matching the interior of the MINI (w00t!). The anchors are far more substantial, too, so I don't need to worry about the seat wobbling around.

Today he took his first ride in the new seat, and I think he was happy. He didn't fall asleep immediately, like he usually does, but he didn't look particularly angry, either. He just looked around and occasionally muttered. I do so love that boy.


Manda said...

I love the boy too! He rocks. This morning he was telling me how excited he was about his upcoming first trip out-of-town.

You know what else rocks? Fresh ground almond butter. I might have to break down and admit that it's better than peanut butter from a jar. Heresy, I know. But tomorrow is 6/6/06. Heresy seems appropriate.

Tripp Fenderson said...

We've got a Britax in the Prius now and love it. Comfy for her. Safe for us.

The footprint was a little large for the back seat of the MINI convertible - though it fit nicely in our first MINI.

Excellent choice.