Monday, March 20, 2006

I'm a big fat slacker

It's so easy to move through my day reading other people's blogs that I just forgot to update mine for the last 2 weeks.

Alastair is smiling at us now. He's still growing at a phenomenal pace, and is wearing 3-6 month clothes (at 8 weeks). He's wearing size 2 diapers and will be weighed on Thursday. I have a feeling he weighs around 14 lbs, but we'll see. He's no longer getting a full swaddle at night, because he's gotten strong enough to wiggle out of anything binding his arms, so now we just wrap his torso and legs to comfort him (it works: if we just put him in pajamas, we get 3-hour sleep windows; in the half-swaddle, we get 6 - 7 hour windows).

I spent part of the day Saturday making the first of several adjustments to his car seat. I have a feeling that he'll be out of this car seat by June. That little turkey is just a weed.

Car stuff:

I got the MINI weighed on Saturday. I took it to the dump, rolled up on the commercial scales, and got them to weigh it for free! 2620 lbs with me and 1/4 tank of fuel. That means the car weighs 2450 lbs without me. Not bad. It's still a far cry from what I initially called ideal (2200 lbs), but "ideal" and "unrealistic" are synonymous.

Anyway, the first autocross of the season was yesterday (Sunday, 3/19), and Amanda came out to ride with me. The course was at RIR, and was probably the best opportunity I'll get to be competitive for a long time, as speeds never exceeded 1st gear. Due to overwhelming turnout, everybody got 4 runs (instead of 5).

Amanda rode along on the first two, and we consistently did 61.x seconds. After she got out, my time came down to 60.207, but I was bound and determined to break 60, since most of the good drivers were in the mid 50's. So I decided not to care about feedback from the car, and just mashed the accelerator (hey, it's got a rev-limiter). I got 57.894 on the final run, and was ecstatic. That's a very competitive time for a car that's not turbo or super-charged.

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